Clinton eller Trump? Her er hvad amerikanerne sagde om deres valg i 2016

På valgdagen i 2016 så det ud til at sejren ville gå til Hillary Clinton. Men begejstringen for de to aspirerende præsidentkandidater kunne ligge på et meget lille sted. Men hvad sagde amerikanerne egentlig om deres valg? Hvorfor stemte de på Trump? Hvorfor stemte de på Clinton? Hvorfor stemte de ikke (som ca. 45% af amerikanerne ikke gjorde)? Jeg spurgte mine venner og bekendte i USA. Her er hvad de sagde, på valgdagen:

Kathy Hawkins Felter (pensionist), Arizona

Yes, I voted, it is not only my right but it is my responsibility and I take it very seriously. I voted for Mr. Trump, though he wasn’t originally my choice, the person I originally backed turned out to be just another politician. Mr. Trump is more qualified to be president than the other candidate could ever be. He believes America can once more be great, and I think, under his presidency our country has a chance of undoing some of the damage our current POTUS has done.

Joe Little (pedel), Californien

I did vote via mailed ballot about a month ago. The process is very easy and you have to be silly not to. In addition to the vote for president there are many other ballot measures that I felt are more important than the presidential election. But I assume you are more interested in the presidential election. In that case I voted for Trump. In spite of his mouth and bad disposition the alternative is much worse. Hillary has made it clear she wants conflict with Russia. Trump has said he wants to work with them. Hillary accepts millions of dollars in donation from middle-eastern countries that execute people for being gay and treat women like second class citizens. Trump is willing to negotiate with America’s best interest. Hillary is not capable if that. I understand that Trump has hurt some people’s feelings by what he has said. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about how horrible Hillary will be for America and the rest of the world. With all that being said, since I live in California my vote for Trump wont matter. In the US we use the electoral process and in the vast majority of states the candidate with the most votes receives that states electoral votes. America is not a democracy, it is a representative republic.

Emily Shapiro (journalist), Californien

I’m voting later today. I have misgivings about both presidential candidates.

For Trump it’s his lack of detailed and viable plans, his personality, and his general contempt for those who aren’t “like us,” which really perturbs me.

HRC has experience, knows the Washington environment, and can stand up to the bullies. However, some of her plans are not forward thinking enough and are of the same caliber of measures that haven’t worked. She needs new ideas which will actually have a chance of working.

Seeing that a write-in candidate is a vote for Trump, I’m willing to give HRC her fair chance.

As to state and local races I tend to vote bipartisan

Angela Kay (sygeplejerskestuderende), Califonien

I will be voting today. I think it’s my responsibility to vote because there is so much more than just the president to vote for. I will be voting for Hillary because, although she may not be the most qualified person, I cannot bring myself to vote for Trump. Donald Trump represents the worst stereotypes of America. He is a childish bully who should not be representing this country to the world.

Brandon Pollard (bartender), Californien

I did not vote, I think we’re screwed either way.

David Murphy (invalidpensionsist), Californien

Yes, I voted.. I looked at who was running and I could not honestly put anything into Hillary’s campaign. There is too much lies corruptions and questions about emails being unsecured. I looked into the independent vote and there just isn’t enough of a following in my opinion to really make a difference. So, then I am left with no vote or Trump. Looking at the way things are here and the way they are run, I have no doubt Trump can turn things around, economically. But does he have the ability to lead the country? Does he have the courage to do what is right for the US in a time that the country has been slowly become divided through use of the media telling many what is right.. what is wrong.. and they follow. No matter what happens.. who wins.. I do not believe that this country will again be great. There is too much division, in which there will be civil unrest from the loosing side. We saw in on the campaign trail throughout the year and mostly coming from the democratic side. I grew up Republican, but I have voted for people on both sides. I have voted for those that have ideals that are in the country’s best interest. Even if it is a hard pill to swallow for the rest.. I placed my vote with Trump.

Kimberlina Moreno-Davis (farmaceut), Californien

Yes I voted. I voted for Trump I’m guessing you are inquiring about the presidential vote? Don’t get me wrong I’m not his 1# fan and I won’t think he’s going to save the world however I can’t bring myself to even look her way after the Benghazi situation. So I guess it’s the lesser of the two evils. For the record I was team Cruz or Bush.

Sheena Khattarchebli (studerende), Californien

I did not vote I do not plan to for this election I feel that both candidates are an embarrassment for this country. It’s unfortunate that we have the choice of picking either a racist sexist disgusting man, or a woman under investigation by the FBI. lol I love this country and I have faith in it being great again. But I don’t believe it’s possible with these 2 candidates for president.

Rikki De La Cruz Agnew (tatovør), Californien

No…… But I was a felon for ten years and they take that right away from you , now I just don’t care. My wife voted she’s casting a ballot for Hillary. Go women ! All for it.

Dana Clerc (lastbilchauffør), Texas

Yes I voted Donald Trump because he has the Americans interests at heart and he has no American blood on his hands like Hillary.

Jonny Butt (bartender), Californien

Yes I voted for a 3rd party. I feel neither canidate is capable. I like to vote on local propositions that’s what I feel matters more.

Terran Murphy (matematikprofessor), Californien

I have voted in every election since I turned 18! I voted for Trump. I am tired of the status quo government machine. I am tired of rights being eroded. I am tired of entitlements eating away at my way of life because my paycheck goes to those who haven’t earned it. I am tired.

Carlin Box (bilsælger), Missouri

It took me most of the day to make up my mind on which presidential candidate to vote for. Donald Trump WAS NEVER an option for me, as no self respecting human being should ever vote for such a vile and disgusting person. My choice came down to Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein. I cast my vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Even though she had zero chance of winning, her platform more closely aligned with my ideals and principles. Also, the Green Party represents a change in corrupt American politics that we need. Perhaps, if she receives enough votes, it would shed more light on the Green Party and eventually break up the duopoly that the current two party system holds on this country’s government.

Danny Means (Gymnasielærer), Californien

I voted today and I voted for Donald Trump. I’m frightened by the possibility of Syrian refugees which Trump will not tolerate. I am in strong favor of people’s rights to bear arms which Clinton would work to diminish. Lastly, Hillary has committed crimes which she’s avoided yet a regular citizen would be jailed for. That’s just a few of the reasons.

Prince Nwadike (iværksætter), Californien

Yes I did vote, for Hillary. I voted for her because what she lacks in charisma she makes up for in actual service for this country. She has been there for us, and the world her entire life. She genuinely wanted to see not just this country thrive but the world too. I’m DEEPLY saddened by this election. For once in my 30 years of life I am ashamed to be an American.

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